Buying Stable32

Information about buying Stable32 is available by sending an e-mail to: .

The preferred way to order a single copy of Stable32 is to make a PayPal payment of US $395 and receive it via electronic download: .  Select Send, enter the e-mail address shown above and the amount.  We will receive notification of your payment and send the Stable32 download and installation instructions via e-mail, along with a copy of the paid invoice.  PayPal accepts credit cards.

The Stable32 pricing is as follows:      

Quantity Unit Price, US $
1-4 395
5-9 325
10+ 295
Site License 2950
Student Version 100

Stable32 will install and run on all version of Windows, including 64-bit Windows 7, 8 & 10.  Stable32 itself is a 32-bit application.  It comes with a standard installation program whose file size is about 25 MB.

Stable32 is not copy protected and its software license allows the program to be installed on as many computers as you wish as long as there is only one concurrent user per license.  Backup copies may be made, but copies of the program may not be given to others outside the group that purchased it.  A site license allows an unlimited number of users at a single organizational location.  One master installation CD-ROM and one printed copy of the Stable32 User Manual are supplied with the site license. 

No demo version of Stable32 is available, but the software is sold with a 30-day evaluation period during which it can be returned for a full refund. 

The Stable32 user interface and documentation is in English.  The program package includes pdf copies of all its documentation.  Printed copies of the Stable32 User Manual may be bought for US $20 from the publisher at:  .

Formal quotations and/or proforma invoices are available upon request.  Purchase orders are accepted from most commercial and govermental organizations.  Please supply your billing address.  The payment terms are net 30 days. 

Stable32 can be ordered via mail, fax or e-mail.  Our contact information is as follows:

W.J. Riley
Hamilton Technical Services
650 Distant Island Drive
Beaufort, SC 29907-1580 USA
Phone: 843-525-6495
Fax: 843-525-0251

Delivery can be made via electronic download of the Stable32 installation file (fast, no additional charge) or physical shipment of a CD-ROM and printed User Manual (at additional charge depending on the shipment method and destination).  For electronic delivery, please supply the e-mail address of the end user.  For physical delivery, please supply your shipping address.  Physical shipment is usually made via USPS priority mail (domestic) or international air mail (overseas).  The charge for the latter is typically US $50 for the material, packaging, handling, postage and preparation of customs forms.  Shipment via package delivery service (FedEx, UPS) is also possible at additional charge (expensive) or using your account. 

Payment can be made via check (to Hamilton Technical Services), electronic funds transfer (bank information on invoice or by request) or PayPal (preferred).  PayPal accepts credit cards.  Go to , select Send, and use the e-mail address shown above.  We will receive notification of your PayPal payment and will then send an e-mail with the download and installation instructions.  Be sure to provide the e-mail address of the end user. 

Individual and hobbyist discounts are available in some cases.  Discounts are also available for updating earlier version of the program depending on the circumstanses.  A student version of the program is usually available for use in seminars.  Hamilton Technical Services also conducts training sessions for frequency stability analysis.

All users are eligible for support via e-mail and free updates via downloads from the Hamilton Technical Services web site for at least one year.