Free to Good Home

The following printed volumes of frequency control symposia are available free to a good home.  It's an all-or-nothing proposition.  Come and get them or pay for the shipping.  These volumes cover up to the time when these publications switched to CD-ROM format.  They occupy about 10 feet of shelf space.  Some CD-ROMs of symposia and tutorials are also available.  They would make a great addition to your personal or organizational library.  Contact me via e-mail at bill@wriley if you are interested.


Proceedings of the Frequency Control Symposium

Printed Volumes: 1965-2001 except 1992

CD-ROMS: Digital Archive 1952-2000, 2004-2007


Proceedings of the Precise Time and Time Interval (PTTI) Meetings

Printed volumes: 1970-2001 except 1977

CD-ROMS: 1999-2001, 2003, 2004, 2008-2012


Proceeding of the Europeam Frequency and Time Forum (EFTF)

Printed Volumes: 1988-2001 except 1994

CD-ROMS: 2003, 2004, 2007




















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